About me

Rafi Rejano Shop is the result of different garments in which you will find your own style. Rafi Rejano shop is a multi-brand fashion store for women. Stylish, elegant and timeless garments. Buy here, looks with great taste. Rafi Reano shop, has the latest trends in Italian and Spanish brands .

Rafi Rejano, is the creator of Rafi Rejano Shop. He has been in the fashion sector for more than 25 years. For her, the most important thing is her client, that she feels comfortable in the clothes and can shine. Its mission is to break down the barriers that may exist and bring fashion closer so that everyone can buy.

Rafi Rejano Shop is Rafi's way of seeing and combining. She transmits it through her clothes on a daily basis. A vision that her followers can see through her videos. Take fashion beyond established profiles, creating a universe of combinations in which anything is possible.
Its values ​​are quality, style, trend, versatility...

The style of the garments is close, but very careful, elegant but not haughty, which conveys the quality behind it but without generating rejection because it seems prohibitive.

Rafi also breaks the established barriers that society has for older women. Thanks to their clothes they can feel themselves, free, simple but very elegant.